Saturday, April 10, 2010

Honoured to be honoured

Derek and I were honoured this past week by the Federation of Agriculture for the 2010 agriculture awareness award. We were very surprised to receive the call Tuesday saying we had been nominated and chosen to receive this award. It is our first award and we were very excited. We had a great time at the award ceremony which honoured many well deserving farmers and people involved in the agricultural world. We were served a great meal and I think it was the first time since the babies were born 9 months ago that we were both out together after 5pm. We were nominated for the award for several reasons including our work with the Summerside Farmers Market, our direct marketing efforts with the CSA and for participating in last years summer series on CBC's Island Morning show which highlighted our farming adventures from seeding to harvest. Many people commented to use through the summer that it was a great series which people enjoyed listening to. We loved being involved and were very grateful to Karen Mair and the rest of the Island Morning Gang for all their time and efforts making the series a reality. While we feel rather undeserving of the award it is nice to have your efforts noticed and recognized. Now where to hang the award?


Brandy said...

way to go Jen! that's great news. congratulations :)

Mary Beth said...

Yeah for you two!!!