Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Way too many tomatoes, again

Every year I have the same battle, choosing tomato varities to plant in the garden. Every year I say this will be the year where I settle down and chose 3-4 good varities and stear clear of the over 20 differnt kinds I usually grow. Well once again I didn't listen to my better judgement and have planted 16 different types of tomatoes. It's like trying to decide which child you like better!!! So for your entertainment I'll list all of the varieties we'll be growing for the CSA this season.

Cherry tomatoes
: Golden Cherry, Cherry Grande, Sungold, Sun Sugar, Sweet Chelsea, Sweet Olive

Medium - Large slicing: Scotia, Pilgrim, Duchess, Sweet Cluster, First Lady II Hybrid, Quebec, Tigerella

Plum (sauce tomatoes
): Viva Italia, Plum Dandy & Roma V.F.N

Approximately 350 seeds in this one tray. Now that's alot of tomato sandwiches

Once the plants reach their first true leaf stage I will be transplanting to a larger tray where each plant will have its own space. For right now seeding like this saves a lot of valuable space in our growing room.


Mary Beth said...

Wanna ship me out some of those?

Mark & Sally said...

Whew!! Good to see ya back on here, I've missed the posts this past little while and now I've got lots to catch up on! I can't believe your seedlings! 10 days!! I have NO good sun sources so mine are pathetic/non-existent. Good on ya for getting so much done already! Celebrate the small triumphs and try to ignore when one of the boys dumps an entire tray of something. haha! Visit soon!?

Sheldon Furlong said...

Hi Jen
I live across the Straight in Nova Scotia and have been following the progress of your farm for a while. I listen to CBC Charlottetown and loved the segment last year.
I am an amateur gardener and have what you might call a mini CSA of 7 shares. Just more of a hobby as I have a day job but would much rather play in the mud full time. I retire in 5-6 years and hope to do it full time but not on your scale.

I check your blog several times a week to see what is going on as it is very interesting!

Great to see young families like yours working so hard to do something with your life tht is so worthy.

Keep up the great work.

Sheldon Furlong
Lower Shinimicas, Cumberland Co, N.S.

Jen said...

Hi Sheldon,

thanks for your comment and for following our farming adventures. It's been an interesting three years since we bought the farm but playing in the dirt beats the desk job I used to have : )