Monday, April 12, 2010

Progress, slow and steady

The peppers and eggplant seedlings are doing very well. The parsley so far has not germinated but it is a fairly slow germinating crop so not to worry yet. Lettuce, green onions, broccoli and tomatoes have all been recently seeded in their growing trays and I am awaiting germination. Our outside greenhouse shed has been recently insulated which will allow the tiny transplants to grow in a sunnier warmer environment than our front sunny living room.

Derek finishing up insulating the shed

If tiny transplants do not get enough direct overhead sun they will become leggy & spindly from searching for the sun. They will also grow stockier and will be more hardy when they eventually get transplanted to the fields if they have more access to the direct overhead sun.

And seeding begins for the 2010 season, eggplant, peppers and parlsey are the first things planted

Pepper seeds

I can almost taste the sweet crunch of a ripe red pepper, yum

Pepper and Eggplant seedlings - 10 days after planting

Tiny eggplant seedlings - 10 days after seeding

Up and close personal with eggplant and pepper seedlings

Music Garlic popping out of the straw

Rhubarb finally making an appearance

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